‘Hallo ik ben Robin’ : Robin

With our lovely Robin, we launch our new section: Meet the team. Today you have the opportunity to get to know him a bit. We could not stop laughing at his spontaneous answers.

What is your name? 


What is your nickname?

I guess it is Robshi, it is the name I use for my social media. There are people who also call me Rob

What languages do you speak?

I speak Dutch, English, French, German and a little bit Korean. I can understand some Italian and Spanish and some Swedish.

Why people tighten the remote control more strongly when it is running out of batteries?

I have no idea, I think with this we think we will make the electricity fluent

Which is your favorite place in the world? 

South Korea

How do you start a conversation?

I always try to find something that is just no regular, if it is with the person that you are interested in, let’s say something you know that the person has been doing lately

How do you end one?

Trying to say something like talk to you soon or something similar

What is the longest you have gone without sleep?

I think almost 40 hours

If I told you that I know your future what would be the first thing you would ask me?

Will I still be in a relationship?

What is the first thing  you remember about Amsterdam?

That I was born there

What is the weirdest thing about you?

I like Korean music

Airplane, car, spaceship, boat, motorcycle, walk, bicycle, hover, subway or teleportation? 

What was the last gift you gave to someone and when?

I bought shower gel and body scrub for one of my friend’s birthday

Do you like your job and why?

Yes, because I like to meet people from other places of the world and I can also train my languages

What was your most strange experience with a customer and why? 

There was one-time last summer when I was working in the shop near Leidseplein square when two girls who I was helping them by telling them some places to go out in Amsterdam. And they were like ‘’what are your plans tonight’’? I answered that I was going home after work and they asked me if I wanted to join them and go out. At this moment I just went black, I didn’t know what to answer….

How does internet work?

With cables

Can you recall your favorite customer while at Abike and why? 

It was a couple from Canada last summer. We had a really nice conversation, they were asking me about other cities to visit in the Netherlands, as they were staying for longer and I recommend them to visit Leiden.

I was working the day they returned and they told me they really liked Leiden. That made me really happy.

What makes you wanna sleep?

Feeling tired

What is the average number of zips a person needs to drink a pint of beer?


Spider-Man or Batman?


What do you work toward in your free time?

Lately, I’ve been exercising, working out

A penguin comes into the shop and asks to rent a bike, what do you do? 

Well, I’ll ask the penguin to try the bike first and then see if it is possible to ride it and after this make the decision.

Why is the sky blue? 

Because of the reflection of the atmosphere with the lights.

Do you feel lucky or unlucky and why?

I think I’ve been lucky, sometimes I really feel like I had more luck than other people in life

What inspires you?

I think personally my parents inspire make to do something of things because they are giving me so many things to do.

What would you say to Jesus Christ if he came in front of you right now?

Fix this shit

Which is your favorite video game?

League of legends

Have you ever dated a customer?


Do you believe in time machines?

No, it will create a black hole, at least it is what documentaries say

How do you define stress and what do you do to tackle it?

I define stress by looking up to something that I am not used to. Usually, for me, I get stressed because I am going to do something new and I don’t have any knowledge about how to do it. Then I start looking up to that thing and realize that stress was not necessary.

Which would be the next three countries you would like to travel to.

I am going to Mexico soon, I want to go back to South Korea and New Zeland though.