//Where should we go?

Where should we go?

Another morning at A-bike, where the weather is getting better and better. We are realizing that every day we are receiving more and more customers! Which brings us joy and new experiences!

It’s getting more difficult to choose one of you to be the Customer of the Week, and let’s not even get started when it’s summer!

Now, about the people in the picture above, we just need to say that a wonderful or weird story isn’t always a reason to be that customer of the week.. Sometimes it is just about the people, and how kind they can be.

Today we have a couple from Italy and a genuinely friendly couple. They rented two bikes for three days, and really wanted to explore the city and visit all the hidden gems. Their faces were lit with excitement!

We had a good conversation, and we want to express that they were very positive! Everything turned out even better when they asked us where we could suggest them to go. We were fueled by their eagerness of getting to know the city! We always give the best tips to our customers from a local and a friends perspective, but there are so many different experiences and things to see, so we struggle with our thoughts to think about our favorites places.

Actually, they were expecting that we will answer with just merely two or three touristy places. So once they asked, we couldn’t keep our mouths shut from expressing the beauty of Amsterdam. They couldn’t be happier. We told them many of places: restaurants, bars, cafes, places where tourists will experience the feeling of being a local. We also introduced them to our Instagram (@a_bike_amsterdam) where we have an Amsterdam Guide #aguideamsterdam where we always post our favorite places for the time being! It’s like going through memory lane for us, reminding us of the beauty and the great experiences we had and are having here in Amsterdam.

It was a pleasure being able to make this an unforgettable experience, we hope to see you soon in Amsterdam ?

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