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Sunday morning, always a busy day at A-Bike, many people coming to rent bikes, ask for some information… At A-Bike we love the last day of the week, when we go to work the city is still sleeping, we feel the silent and once we open, we don’t need to wait more than half an hour, the city wakes up.

Last Sunday Amsterdam was even more crowded than usual, everyone decided to go outside for a bike ride due to the bad weather of the previous days, we were freezing in Amsterdam, all the canals were frozen and people were ice skating on them, but that’s another story.

The phone is ringing at A-Bike Dam Square, there is a customer at our shop close to Vondelpark who would like to rent an e-bike for few days. The e-bikes are just available at A-Bike Dam Square (keep it in mind for your future reservations). He is called Ahmed and he is from Qatar.

At the shop closer to Dam Square there were enough e-bikes available so we could take care of this last minute reservation. We prepared the bike, checked that the battery was fully charged and even had a small ride to be sure everything was working fine.

The colleague who called from A-Bike Vondelpark already said he was a really nice guy, so at the other shop, we were already excited about that customer.

A person with a big smile crossed the door of the store, already a nice vibe. And once he said “I have a reservation for an E-Bike”, we immediately figured out why they described him as a such a nice person. Friendly is a small word for him.

One of our colleagues recognized him, he was an usual customer at A-Bike and he was being so friendly all the times he’s been here. They even hugged each other, it’s being a while they haven’t seen and they missed each other.

As we said last week in our post,  at A-Bike we like ‘breaking the ice’ and making things more friendly and chill! This is a clear example, hugs and chats were happening at the same time as the booking was being proceeded, and this is something we keep with us, the friendships that are born from a good service and nice customers at our shops.

Here you have, the picture of one of the nicest guy that has come to A-Bike with our colleague Diego, continue being such a great person.

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