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Everyone knows Anne Frank. Her autobiography “Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl,” is one of the most widely read books in the world. The Jewish girl was in hiding on the Prinsengracht with her family during the Second World War, before they were deported to concentration camps. Of course, her diary is the central topic during the Anne Frank Bike Tour. But you will also learn other stories about the Jews, who began making their mark on the city as early as the 16th century.

Mokum: a safe haven

During this bike tour, we will tell you all about the Jewish influence on the social, cultural, and economic development of Amsterdam. Since the Jews in Spain and Portugal were no longer allowed to practice their faith in the 16th century, many of them fled to the free haven of Amsterdam. The beloved nickname for Amsterdam, Mokum, comes from that period. The Jews who came to Amsterdam from Eastern Europe spoke Yiddish. Mokum means ‘city’ in Yiddish – these people considered Amsterdam to be a safe home for them. The money and the trade spirit of the Jews contributed to the great success of the city in the 17th century. During the Anne Frank Tour, you will learn more about the Jewish Cultural Quarter, where you will find the Jewish Historical Museum and the Portuguese Synagogue.

Second World War

Not far from the Portuguese Synagogue is the Hollandse Schouwburg (Dutch Theatre). Today, this is a Jewish monument which reminds people of the Second World War, when Amsterdam stopped being a safe haven for the Jews. Countless Jews were deported to concentration camps from the Hollandse Schouwburg. Only a handful of people returned. The monument De Dokwerker (The Dockworker), opposite the Synagogue, is a reminder of the big act of resistance against the German occupiers in February 1941. But of course, the most famous Nazi-victim is Anne Frank. Your guide will bring you to the place where she went into hiding with her family for several years. Now, this canal house is a museum, where you get the chance to visit the secret annex where they hid.

Admiring Amsterdam by bike

During this three-hour-long bike tour, you will get to see large parts of the beautiful Amsterdam city centre, with its canals, historical houses, and squares. The tour is perfect for cyclists at each level. We depart from our shop on the Dam at 10am each Friday and Saturday, all year long.


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