Happy guy: Vasileios


Vasileios is a funny guy, he always has time to make some jobs and share them with his colleagues. Even if in the picture he is blond, after some years he can say he not blond anymore.

What is your name? 


What is your nickname?

Bilear, because Basilios you can say it in English Billy, and somehow Bilear.

What languages do you speak?

I speak Greek, English, some and some Dutch.

Where were you born?

In thessaloniki, in Greece.

Why do you get angry?

For everything (he laughs). Depends on the moment, I can get angry with nothing or with everything.

What’s the first thing do you think about when you wake up?

To make a coffee.

Which is your favorite place in the world? 

I don’t know, I haven’t been yet in all world but until now my favorite place I can say Cyprus.

What do you think about Dutch people?

They are kind of weird, they are too open and too close at the same time. They are much more kind than people from the south of Europe. I think, for example in Greece or Spain, we are much ruder but at the same time, we are happier. They are sometimes stingy, even if they are rich.

I like they are direct to you, but sometimes they overdo it and they become rude.

One thing that caused me a lot of impression, once I was in the supermarket and there were a couple with two small children. They were buying typical staff like diapers, milk… and they paid separate in the supermarket, it is something that it is not in my culture, if you are married you will never pay separately.  

How do you start a conversation?

It depends on what we are going to talk, depends also on the moment, if we are in a bar, if we are doing sports… but probably it will be always something like hello, how are you?

How do you end one?

Hope to see you again!

What is the longest you have gone without sleep?

Four or five days, I don’t remember. I was in the army, in Cyprus. I was doing an exercise and I had to be awake for long.

What’s your favorite food?

Seafood, octopus.

How does a bike work?

It works depending on how you work with it. If you want to go fast with the bike you can make it go faster. If your bike has an issue you need to feel it. Your bike is like an extension of your body, or at least here in Amsterdam.

How many times do you breathe in a minute?

40 times? A minute has 60 seconds, so around two times per second. Yes, I will say 40 times.

Is there something that you would like to change from your past?

Many things: working choices, I would have left my country quite younger if I had the chance now and I would study different things.

I studied religion, politics and history and now I think I would study something more practical, maybe economics. Something I can work and get paid for it.

Which one is your favorite tv show?

I haven’t seen TV for very very long, but I will say Mr. Robot, it was an awesome series.

Beach or mountain?


Hot or cold?

Hot definitely.

What’s your favorite word?


If I tell you the world will end in 24 hours, what would you do?

I will eat good, have a party, have a good time

And if I tell you that you have just one hour more and you can choose one hour of your life to repeat it, which hour would you choose?

It will be a moment with an ex-girlfriend, she was really nice. A Sunday morning, I remember it was Sunday morning.

Beer, wine or cocktail?


If I tell you that I know your future what would be the first thing you would ask me?

Am I going to be rich?

What is the first thing you did when you came to Amsterdam?

I went to buy weed.

Airplane, car , spaceship, boat, motorcycle, walk, bicycle, hover, subway or teleportation? 

Teleportation, no second thoughts.

What was the last gift you gave to someone and when?

It was in Berlin about three weeks ago to some friends. I didn’t see them for long so I gave them a gift.

Do you like your job and why?

Yes, I do. It is creative, it is also challenging, I have to speak with many people in many languages, I have to understand many different cultures. I really like it.

Can you recall your favorite customer while at A-Bike and why? 

It is a regular customer, he is a dutch guy. He is very polite, he always comes, say what he wants. Usually, he takes a bike to go to his work and come back.

I have seen him coming and parking his car across, he is a really rich guy and his behavior it is not at all like a high guy or something, he is a very normal guy, that’s why he is my favorite customer.

What makes you wanna sleep?

A lot of alcohol makes me sleep and tiredness.

What is the average number of zips a person needs to drink a pint of beer?


Cat woman or Superman?

Cat woman, she is sexier and the guy is only muscles.

What do you work toward in your free time?

I like painting, I do graffiti sometimes. I travel when I have time. I go ride around the city, I used to bike a lot in my free time, now I don’t do it that often because I use the bike every day.

I also cook, I am a good chef.

Do you feel lucky or unlucky and why?

I feel both at the same time. I feel like because I am young, healthy and I am living in central Europe. But at the same time I feel unlucky because the things in my country are fucked up and I have to live here. I believe that for our generation it is going to be more though that it was for our parents, that’s why I feel unlucky.

What inspires you? 

The challenges, I like challenges.

What is your favorite fruit? 


Which is your favorite video game?

There are so many nice video games, but my favorite is Call of duty.

Have you ever date a customer?


Do you believe in time machines?

I want to but I don’t think they exist. Time travel is something that technology can not afford right now. Time travel needs thousand and thousand of years of technology.

How do you define stress and what do you do to tackle it?

Depends on the reason why you are stressed, you can be stressed because you don’t have money, because someone from your family is in the hospital… Most of the time stress come from small problems, so to solve the stress most of the times you need to solve the problem.

To tackle stress I try to think about the positive way of the things, I try to see what can I get from the stress or what I did wrong to have stress.

Which would be the next three countries you would like to travel to.

Switzerland, America and Spain.