‘Dushi’ : Diego

Whatever age, type of person you are , you will just love him! His spontaneity of his answers during the interview that you are about to read and his body language towards the questions was just so enjoyable. We should have taken a video of him during. Either way just imagine the above while you get to know this special guy!

What is your name? 


What languages do you speak?

I Speak four languages but I understand Portuguese as well, so I will say four and a half. They are English, Spanish, Dutch and, Papiamento.

Why people tighten the remote control more strongly when it is running out of batteries?

Do the people do that? Really? I hit it

Which is your favorite place in the world? 

Costa Rica because of nature and how much life there is.

How do you start a conversation?

It depends on the person, I try to look at the person body language, and depending on who they are and which language they do speak I ask them a question about the universe.

How do you end one?

It depends if I have to go and do something and I need to end the conversation I excuse myself and I tell them that I have something I need to do. If not then the conversation never ends…

What is the longest you have gone without sleep?

I think it was two days. I was playing games.

If I told you that I know your future what would be the first thing you would ask me?

What would I be doing in the future?

What is the first thing you did when you came to Amsterdam?

Coffeeshop (laugh)

Airplane, car, spaceship, boat, motorcycle, walk, bicycle, hover, subway or teleportation? 

Teleportation oh yeah!!

What was the last gift you gave to someone and when?

Flowers to my girlfriend. It was just random but I just got flowers to remind her how beautiful she is.

Do you like your job and why?

I love my job. Two things:  the people I get to meet and also the team that I have, I really like the team! It’s very important to like to be around the people your work with.

What was your most strange experience with a customer and why? 

There was a guy who came once, he was on drugs and he kept asking me the same thing for around twenty minutes. He told me he wanted to rent four bikes, I had to tell him about five times how to lock the bike and where to go.

He went to the bathroom for a long time and I was like ‘oh my god he is not doing what I think he is’. 

Can you recall your favorite customer while at A-Bike and why? 

This guy was from South America, he didn’t know how to cycle. They rented a tandem for four days. They were super nice people, they even invited me over to their house and at the end, they gave me two Stroopwafels.

What makes you wanna sleep?

It depends, if I really want to sleep is because I am sad so I can kind of forget the day and feel better the next day.

What is the average number of sips a person needs to drink a pint of beer?

Seven because It is my luckiest number, but actually it depends on the person. I see people finishing it in three zips, some finishing it in twenty.

Spider-Man or Batman?

Batman for sure. For what I know he can beat every other superhero, he is the only superhero that has no powers, he is just so strong.

What do you work toward in your free time?


A penguin comes into the shop and asks to rent a bike, what do you do? 

I ask for which part of the south pole he is from, I try to get know more and I will try to get the penguin and the best possible bike for him. And I will give him a discount because he is a penguin.

Why is the sky blue? 

Because of the reflection on the water, that’s the only reason why the sky is blue. The sky actually isn’t blue but we perceive it as blue because of the reflection.

Do you feel lucky or unlucky and why?

I feel lucky because I have more than everything that I need and I am able to talk, walk, breath.

What inspires you? 

Now. Everything that it is happening now. Life, life inspires me, it is the fact we are living and we are able to talk. Life is always motivating me

What is your favorite fruit? 

Mango, I love mango, organic mango.

What would you say to Jesus Christ if he came in front of you right now?

Can you make my water into wine?

Which is your favorite video game?

Watch dogs 2

Have you ever date a customer?


Do you believe in time machines?

I believe it is possible. I think it is already possible because if there is a time machine in the future should be a time machine now because they need to bring it. So I think there will be a time machine in the future and probably there was in the past. It is already invented.

How do you define stress and what do you do to tackle it?

When I am stressed, my breathing changes, I get nervous and my hands shake more.

I used to smoke cigarettes when I was stressed but it doesn’t help. I try to understand my stress and where it is coming from and I try to be calm about it and not react to stress because that’s stressful. (laughs)

Which would be the next three countries you would like to travel to?

I would like to go to Machupicchu in Peru, definitely Hawai and Japan.