//Coming from the ‘City of Champions’

Coming from the ‘City of Champions’

Glenn wanted to bring his foldable bike to Amsterdam. He already had it with him at the airport, but the airline’s asking price was too expensive to bring it. So, he decided to leave it behind and store it at the airport. He called his son and asked him to go to the airport to pick up his lovely bike. Luckily, he could do it. Moreover, they arrived in The Netherlands without a bike….. which is ironic.

Once in Amsterdam, they both started looking for a bike rental shop, and they found us!  First off, Glenn wanted to rent the bike alone for an hour to try it out and get the feel of it. The day after, Glenn, as well as Shelagh rented for a couple of hours, despite the cold! Well, they let us know that they’re used to much much colder (and snowy) weather, as they’re from Canada, showing us pictures from their hometown Edmonton, Alberta.

It’s been already four days in a row that they have been in our shop to rent bikes, and every time they have an awesome story to tell us. For example, the bike story, the snowy weather in Edmonton and more. Their daughter’s bike was halfway buried in snow, and she uses colorful lights on the bike to be visible in these extreme weather conditions. How smart! They even suggested us a good restaurant in ‘de Pijp’ area of Amsterdam, called “Barça”. They said the quality and the quantity there were very good!

We have to say, the reason why we chose them to be our customers of the week, is because of the pleasant engagement we had with them. We loved hearing their stories and interacting with them. We were more motivated to give them tips and routes to go in the city! Great customers, greater service! And, of course also because they are so sweet and clearly still very in love with each other, which put a smile on our faces ♥. To put it simply this is a 5 star review from us to these customers. Who said reviews are only coming from customers…? We hope to see you again soon guys either in Amsterdam or Edmonton!?

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