//The unexpected full Dutch experience

The unexpected full Dutch experience

Irene walked into our shop with a little knowledge of the city. She was patiently opened to any suggestions, so we took the opportunity to create a personal plan for her! On her return, we were curious about her experience but also keen to get some feedback on our tips and recommendations. We, therefore, asked all the questions needed to be asked. How was it? Did you find the brewery? What did you like the most? And so on and so forth! She was pretty excited about having a great time and that she enjoyed the city so much. And yes we got a very good feedback for our customer service. After conversing about the beautiful canals, the architecture and a couple of restaurants that we recommended, she further told us that she was very impressed from Amsterdam East by describing it as chill and at the same time full of life and awesome, which we found true and very interesting.
So far so good as everything sounded normal and pretty much similar to previous ‘after rent’ conversations with customers.

Well everything indeed was very nice for Irene, but actually, this is not totally true, as at the last moment she had a ‘small issue’ that she did not think of before the moment had come:

Her flight was in the morning so she planned to wake up, ride with her bike to our shop at Rokin 105 return it and then take public transport back to her accommodation where she would pick up her luggage bag, check out and find her way to the airport. This was possible as long as she had woken up on time, which she did not (what were you doing last night Irene? or maybe you just missed your siesta the day before? ?)

Irene woke up one and a half hour late.
Starting to feel the panic of not having enough time to implement the above plan, she naturally ‘went Dutch’ by strapping her luggage on the back of the A-Bike and ‘risking’ a lot as she had never done that before. There were no many solutions anyway…

She said that even though she was super scared to do it once she arrived she was sure that it was the best decision she could make (of course it was Irene!) Well done for being so brave and making sure we got our A-Bike back?
Irene experienced Amsterdam by bike solely in the best way possible meeting nice local people and experiencing the local’s Amsterdam life!

By the way, all the conversations happened faster than this article and no, she did not miss her flight! We even got a text on our A-Bike WhatsApp confirming that she arrived at the airport on time!
One can say that Irene had the full Dutch experience and she got us excited when she expressed that Amsterdam is definitely at the top of the list after the end of her studies! She passed the test, didn’t she?
Thanks for sharing your story with us Irene, good luck with the rest of your studies and see you back in Amsterdam very soon:)

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