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‘Kalimera’ : Demetris

'Kalimera' : Demetris Once you meet him, you will observe that he does not talk a lot, especially if you do not speak to him. One can say that he comes in, does the job and gets out! However once he feels that your intentions are

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‘Dushi’ : Diego

'Dushi' : Diego Whatever age, type of person you are , you will just love him! His spontaneity of his answers during the interview that you are about to read and his body language towards the questions was just so enjoyable. We should have taken a

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”Estoy crudo” ”Badahoes” : JC

''Estoy crudo'' ''Badahoes'' : JC   JC, as you can see is a half Mexican gangster and half American  however, he does not joke around on this fact. Seriously he doesn't! Just kidding. Or not. He started at A-Bike as a 'team player' in the shop but

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‘Hallo ik ben Robin’ : Robin

'Hallo ik ben Robin' : Robin With our lovely Robin we launch our new section: Meet the team. Today you have the opportunity to get to know him a bit. We could not stop laughing with his spontaneous answers. What is your name?  Robin What is

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