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A morning full of life lessons

A morning full of life lessons Another normal winter morning at A-Bike, the day seemed just like any other at the shop at Rokin 105. The standard procedures were taken with the opening of the kassa, setting up of the bikes and the preparation for another

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The unexpected full Dutch experience

The unexpected full Dutch experience Irene walked into our shop with a little knowledge of the city. She was patiently open to any suggestions, so we took the opportunity to create a personal plan for her! On her return, we were curious about her experience but

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Coming from the ‘City of Champions’

Coming from the 'City of Champions' Glenn wanted to bring his foldable bike to Amsterdam. He already had it with him at the airport, but the airline's asking price was too expensive to bring the bike. So, he decided to leave it behind and store it

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Spontaneous decisions are better

Spontaneous decisions are better This week we want to introduce you Alessio, an Italian guy who rented a bike from A-Bike when this was the last thing he was planning to do. He came to Amsterdam to visit a friend who is living here, the night

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Don’t cry for me Argentina

Don't cry for me Argentina Once again the customer of the week moment is here, and this time two girls from Argentina who woke up very early are the chosen ones. We did not just chose them for the reason they woke up early, but

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How to learn biking in Amsterdam

How to learn biking in Amsterdam Today it is supposed to be the saddest day of the year according to someone called Cliff Arnall, former tutor at Cardiff University. The day is better known as Blue Monday and it is always the third Monday of January.

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Touring in the snow

Touring in the snow Every week, we will be introducing to you our favorite customers of the week ! This week: Luca and Federica from Italy 🇮🇹 Despite the snow, they were excited to do the tour and had an amazing experience ❄️ They left the shop really happy 😊 We

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